Wilson's Prom

Late Feb/Early March

Heading out

With all the preparation done, the house finally packed up, the Beetle stashed away, and the professional cleaners doing their job, it was time to get the adventure started --- with a trip down to the southern end of mainland Australia.

While this first destination was originally intended to enable attending the third running of Trails Plus's "Run The Lighthouse", that race got cancelled due to storm damage to two crucial parts of the course --- so I actually got the weekend just "off", to just wander around, before the first week of the one-week-on-one-week-off started. And much needed it was, after weeks of non-stop packing, organising and storing!

Norman Beach was its usual, deserted self --- despite it being the end of summer, and the weekend, I never saw even a dozen people on the beach at the same time, and most of the time when I headed for some (cold!) waves after work, it was just me out there!

Of course, with my pantry and fridge both still holding more on moving-out day than I was planning for, the Kombi was packed to the rafters, with boxes and baskets taking up floor space that was meant to be free, and with me having no clue where half of the things I packed were ("I know I packed that, it must be somewhere"). I guess with the lack of test runs (Thanks, Covid!), that was inevitable. And 10 days at the Prom certainly made some dent in the food surplus.